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So, [ profile] boxofmagic goes live today. I might be refreshing the page, hoping someone would update. I really have to stop.

Also, need to work on my STXI/Pokemon fusion fic. I lost a bit of it when the dogs ate my computer, so I decided to write a short prologue to get back into it.

Also also, need to write that porn I've promised someone.
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Title: 20 Minute Commute
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R/NC-17
Wordcount: ~500
Warnings: Public groping.
Summary: Shameless train sex.
Author note: For [ profile] dracoxk. It's not all that good, but it is the first porn I've written in years. So, yeah. Totally unbeta'd and probably contains many mistakes. Plus, I've only ridden on the subway, like, twice.

'Are we making fun of my wardrobe or having highly indecent public sex?' Merlin shoots back while continuing to fondle Arthur through his jeans. )
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Well, Happyfest III has started. And after COE, I need it. I also made some images for it.

But, it looks like it will be fun. So, go check it out.

Happy!pictures )

Fandom Happy!pictures )
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So, one of my rules for fic was "No RPS". My only other ones are "No mpreg" and "No watersports".

Somehow, I've broken the RPS rule like it was not even there. At first, it was only Bradley/Colin in Merlin. I hardly ever read any J2 stuff, but mostly because I'm a Jensen girl. (Jared is fine and everything, but I fell in love with Dean first and I play favorites. So when Castiel came around I was so happy. Before is was just Dean/OMC and crossovers. Castiel was a godsend. Literally.) But, I've seem to have fallen in love with Pinto. Which is Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, for those not in the know (mean, probably no one on my flist).

I can't even feel guilty for this. All the kink memes have ruined me.

I mean, I was reading Pinto fics on break at work. Hell, I've been using my mom's netbook while my laptop is out. The only reason is to keep up with the fics.

Now I have to go read more fic.

New lows.

Mar. 21st, 2009 12:01 am
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So, I never thought this would happen. I mean, I kinda always thought it was a bit iffy, and something I would never do.

But, it did.

Merlin has made me read RPS. I didn't want to. I avoided it with Supernatural, mostly because I am purely a Jensen girl (I mean, Jared is fine and all, but I think of him like my lab- cute, but sorta gangly and awkward and not someone I'd allow to be left alone with something breakable). I mean, Castiel was a (literal) godsend to me. Now I can read fic without feeling dirty! Hurrah!

But, Merlin. And Colin and Bradley. I tried to avoid it. Then, the pictures and the video diaries and the interviews and then a few fanvids and now I'm reading fic. In the back of my head I'm screaming "these people are real, they have feelings, and they might have nightmares if they read this" but the rest of me is just squeeing in glee.

I mean, dolphin noises. All the way.

Now, I'm going to find more fic and fall into that "in Lucifer's mouth" level of hell. But I'm sure there will be plenty of lovely people there with me.


GOD. Now I've read a J2-Colin/Bradley crossover. See, Merlin? This is what you turn me into. I sorta hate myself now.
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I don't know which to work on, though. I have my SGA/Numb3rs fic, my Merlin/Marvel crossover, and my Merlin coloringbook!crack.

And I have been having unhealthy urges to write other crossovers. I should not be allowed to think of crossovers. I mean, I've had a SGA/Eureka crossover dancing around my hard drive for a while. I mean, there are only so many ways you can start to write Nathan Stark and Rodney McKay fighting before it all spirals into random insults and yelling. I have three drabbles that is them just doing that. And they get mean.

Time for random fic idea explaination )

And now I have to write one of these. I'm on Spring Break, so I have time to do them. I just don't know which to work on first. So, maybe a poll.

[Poll #1365052]
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Title: What Am I?
Artist:  thisfishflies
Synopsis: This Mystery Activity book sets a strange task for Merlin. A mysterious stranger has taken Arthur prisoner and Merlin has to find him and set him free. Join Merlin on a dangerous journey to save Arthur. Work through the puzzles, play the games and answer the riddles to help Merlin save his  friend, the future king of Camelot.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Based on the book/idea here.  First installment of the "Merlin Mystery Activity Book" 'verse. Well, second if you count this comment!fic. And, this took me way to long to make. It would have been better if I had something beyond MS paint, but you have to play the cards you're dealt. It also killed me to slowly trace everything, then going back and erasing the best lines.

Merlin looked down at the parchment and sighed. Really, they had no imagination. )

More to come, when I am not so tired.


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