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So you have a nice sub-topic called The Important Difference Between Consensual Fooling Around and Sexual Assault with a copy of that awesome "how not to rape" flyer that went around. Only, just up page you have

TW: Rape and sexual assult, rape culture )
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Hardison graphic. Text: age of the geek, Hardison <3 fest

Hardison. He is a geek and he knows it.

But, what other geeks does he know? Does he chat with alien hunters on irc? Does he play Warcraft with NCIS agents? Does he get into comic debates with physicists? Does he email other members of the criminal underground? Does he stoop to writing real letters to wizards?

The answer is: of course. And more. He is just that awesome.

He probably even posts on livejournal and has a twitter. A young hacker needs to make connections.

So. Here is a fest for him. To give him the geeky love he needs and to explore his geek side.

Everything is welcome: gen, het, slash, AU, crossover, crack. The only rule is Hardison + a bit of the geek.

It's the age of the geeks. And the geek shall inherit the earth.

(this is my personal plug for any and all crossovers. because you know you want to.)
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So. I've made a blog for my doodles. And I've bought a domain. IDEK. I will update it whenever and it will have both doodles and whatever little comics I make.

I'll also post things there that I won't post else where. So, woooo~

There is even a twitter!

candylandfill banner

@candylandfill on twitter.

Visit, follow, bookmark, and pimp it out! I will willing draw ~magical~ pics for friends who do!

I also now own but don't really know what to do. I have gotten to link back to the blog but... again, idek. Any help would be awesome~
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Lately I've been having these bouts of... Well, it's not depression. I really don't get depressed. Hell, I hardly get sad. I really think I have more serotonin or whatever than most people. Or maybe it's that I just way too laid back. I used to wonder why I'm not really sad ever. Like, I'll read a book and the dog will die and I'll cry, but then feel better. But I don't really get down with real life.

But lately I've just been having these periods of complete boredom and listlessness. I just don't want to do anything and I have this low-level feeling of meh. I'll try to do other things to get my mind off it but nothing really does it. The only way to make it go away for any length of time is to read a good book or long fic. And if it is a bit crappy, the meh will come and I will give up.

It's these kind of moments where I wished I had a therapist. I mean I really do think this has something to do with the ADHD that my dad does not believe I have, no matter that I have had all the symptoms all my life. Hell, my father won't even entertain the idea that I am dyslexic even with the fact that I was in the special reading class with the special ed teacher for a few years, and that I nearly was held back for sucking at reading in 3rd grade. Of course, he also likes to ignore my history of horrible grades, too.

Ugh. My brain has to be fucked up somehow. And it's not the worst thing ever. I mean, I problem is that I'm not depressed. Or sad much. Like, I can understand depression as an abstract thing but I can't relate. I know that with depression, some people can't even get up and face the day, they just don't have that in them, that sad is totally inadequate to how they feel. I have seen this explained in so many places.

But I just can't connect to it. Because I have never been that bad. Even in my saddest times I could make myself happy. It's like other people have broken bones but I've just sprained things once or twice.

So, yeah. Here I am, complaining about being happy. Or, about having moments where I am kinda-not-really-happy. IDEK.

I should sleep.


Feb. 16th, 2011 01:03 am
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I got a new phone~ It's a droid so, apps for me! Which also means that I now have a pdf reader on it.

So, anyone have good fics on pdf? :3
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My fanmix for [ profile] shirozora's lovely We Are Pilots. It's a WIP kink meme fill but right now it's hovering between 30-40k. So, you know, it's epic. I've been cheering her on all the way, too~ It's great fun.

Anyway, here is my first part fanmix for it. I'll just stick it up here locked until I make the cover and polish it off. I'm just linking to the tracklist as I don't feel like coding it all in just right now. Cause, you know, class.

the unofficial We Are Pilots soundtrack

Track List and Quotes


there we go. i'll pretty it up tonight sometime soon and add lyrics/album art. but if you just want the songs, have at it~
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So. I'm now working on a several Tron/Iron Man crossovers. The first hint of this was this twitter convo:


So I started on that. Then, I saw this. I focused on Flynn met Stane. I'm guessing they didn't liked each other very much. and I want post-Tron/EncomCEO!Flynn meeting Tony Stark. It would be marvelous. And then I started thinking about those. Then trying to figure out the time periods and ages. And I decided to do them all. First they would just be snippets, but now they are just all part of the same story.

And, just for fun, here is my half made up/half fact time line that I shall be using: HALF OF THESE NUMBERS ARE FAKE. )

A peak of the first snippet I am writing:

Kevin Flynn meets Obadiah Stane several times in the years he was CEO of ENCOM. He doesn't really think of those encounters much while he is building his city on the Grid. Stane was not really someone that came to mind much. Who Flynn thought of often was Howard Stark.
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Guess what takes 6.7 hours and makes me hate sea life?

bet you didn't guess this. )
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run. fly.

I want to run.

this is a resolution. )
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So. You know that episode in Due South where RayK and Fraser work on their communication problems by punching each other? And deciding to transfer?

My mind is spinning a plot like that for a Hawaii Five-0 fic. Only, it does not end happy. It ends with angst and sad and... I really don't want that but I think it is what I might have to write. It seems super realistic to me and...

I really don't want to write it. I hate sadness and angst and everything. But I think I have to write this. It's going to happen weather I like it or not. My reading happy fluffy fics is just staving this off.

Fuck everything. I love this bright new shiny fandom with kickass characters all around and over saturated colors. I do not want to be chased by angst all the way through it.
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So I'm in Florida with my father and brother on vacation. Which has of course led to several arguments already (the first of which took place 20 minutes into our drive and was about Inception. Yeah.) and a couple other mishaps. But after a 10+ hour drive, we arrived early this morning. Today was spent mostly walking around while waiting for check-in at the hotel, so we killed an hour or two at the beach. Which of course means dozens and dozens of BIRD PICTURES!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

road, birds, masturbation. Wait- what?! )

And so ends day one. More pictures might be posted if I get around to it~
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I really need some awesome Ke$ha icons. Maybe .gifs with glitter and such. But I do not belong to any icon comms or know where to look. Anyone wanna help a girl out?
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So, my final for my Queer Pop Culture class is coming up and it will be both a log.notebook of queer things in pop culture, but also a paper.

So what I'm asking from you, my dear flist, is help. Any links to queer themed things that have struck you as important or interesting over the last few months. Blog posts, news stories, images, anything.

I'll be combing through my stuff, but I kinda failed to bookmark all the stuff I've been looking at- yeah, I know, I suck.

If you help me I'll love you forever~ And also draw you an icon!

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Okay, I'm not one to contest my grades. I get what I earn and I know that. But, this time it's different.

A couple of weeks ago I had to so a group project with 3 other guys. We made a powerpoint on a book then presented it. The way we split it up was in chapters. I had the second chapter, so I presented second.

Except for how I didn't. We didn't get to me. We got through maybe 8 out of 31 slides because the teacher interrupted us and our presentation created a lot of discussion in the class. As it was supposed to. When we noticed that we might not get to our chapter, the tree of us that were not the first guy started to insert our chapters into it. We would ask questions and do all that "interaction" stuff. Plus, we had to have some sort of intro before the whole thing, so I read a children's book that was pretty much what our book was about.

We got our grades back today. I got a 72. The boy who actually got to go got an eighty-something. I can understand how he "presented" more, but it's because the teacher wouldn't let us. Other groups got by with hardly any interruptions. They got through pages and pages of slides, showed all their pretty pictures, all of that. Why did our group get the short stick? If we had known that our grade would depend on what we got to present, you can bet we would have made it more equal.

God damn. What really pisses me off is that I did the most work. Really. I stupidly said I'd do the powerpoint so I was up til 3am putting all the stuff together. And then we didn't get to use most of it. Ugh.

I talked to the one member of my group who was here today and we are going to talk to the teacher. I'm just kinda pissed.
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ignore this is you want. just posting all my stxi/ds gifs in one place so I can stop paging through my photobucket.

ahahaha did not know i made this many. )
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Hey, it's that time again! Time to


Okay, so, here is the deal- I'm buying a new laptop next week. Because the one I have right now is literally falling to pieces and parts are being held together by hopes and dreams and duct tape and stickers.

But before I buy it, I'd love to make any more extra money.

Would you like me to
+make you a doodle?
+make you a cover?
+make many icons?
+make you pretty much any random graphic thing?

Because I will! For the low price of Whatever You Are Willing to Pay Me (over $0).

I'm also willing to make you things. Like
+small stuffed things
+friendship bracelets
+something with buttons

But, as these are physical things that need shipping, they would have to have actual prices. ;)

So, just comment here with what you'd like and what you'd pay and I'll see if I can do it (which will most likely be yes).


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