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Slipping )

and there is my intro to my novel. This was all written while listening to the song "Slipping" which is why I posted the Skybox playlist. Plus I love everything they've done. You can find my whole NaNo playlist for download here. My NaNo profile is here if you want to add me. Now, sleep. I'll do the rest of the daily quota tomorrow.
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So. I finished my entry and submitting it. The voting will open soon and I'll link y'all. I can't tell you which is mine, but just vote for what you think is best & all that. Come on, it'll be fun!

Also, the game Dragon Age is addictive. I seem to be in love with the rouge class, though. And I have not gotten far, as I keep making new characters. Yeah~~~

Really, this entry is mostly cause I haven't posted in a while. And my economics class is boring right now.

Now to whittle the time away on twitter~
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So, I kept telling myself all day that I would finish the next part of merfic before going to sleep. Well, that is a lie. I'm so tired if I tried to do anything it would just be writing about how tired I am.

But! Here, have a snippet. This is the beginning of the next part, and may be familiar to some in CHAT.


Haha, that snippet is longer than the prologue. So, there's that.

I'll be needing a beta if this get's any longer. I mean, I should have one anyway, but I never really bother for anything less than 1k. But I really want merfic to be good and I always play fast and loose with my tenses.

And here's another little thing. It is from my creative writing class. We got prompts and I picked "you have a cough, get new medication and it makes something weird happen" or something like that. Only I've only gotten to the getting the meds, not the reaction yet. I want to finish this because it is second person and makes me laugh.

I did not choose this just so I could give someone whooping cough. )


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