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Man, I have not read any STXI in forever. Like, I remember living on the kink meme for the longest time. I need to catch up with the WIPs I was following. With that said---

Anyone have some good recs?

Spock/Kirk is <3
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So, [ profile] boxofmagic goes live today. I might be refreshing the page, hoping someone would update. I really have to stop.

Also, need to work on my STXI/Pokemon fusion fic. I lost a bit of it when the dogs ate my computer, so I decided to write a short prologue to get back into it.

Also also, need to write that porn I've promised someone.
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THE STAR TREKFriending Meme

And my post is filled with STXI/DS wonderfulness. Like so:


I need to make some more.
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So, one of my rules for fic was "No RPS". My only other ones are "No mpreg" and "No watersports".

Somehow, I've broken the RPS rule like it was not even there. At first, it was only Bradley/Colin in Merlin. I hardly ever read any J2 stuff, but mostly because I'm a Jensen girl. (Jared is fine and everything, but I fell in love with Dean first and I play favorites. So when Castiel came around I was so happy. Before is was just Dean/OMC and crossovers. Castiel was a godsend. Literally.) But, I've seem to have fallen in love with Pinto. Which is Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, for those not in the know (mean, probably no one on my flist).

I can't even feel guilty for this. All the kink memes have ruined me.

I mean, I was reading Pinto fics on break at work. Hell, I've been using my mom's netbook while my laptop is out. The only reason is to keep up with the fics.

Now I have to go read more fic.


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