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So, my final for my Queer Pop Culture class is coming up and it will be both a log.notebook of queer things in pop culture, but also a paper.

So what I'm asking from you, my dear flist, is help. Any links to queer themed things that have struck you as important or interesting over the last few months. Blog posts, news stories, images, anything.

I'll be combing through my stuff, but I kinda failed to bookmark all the stuff I've been looking at- yeah, I know, I suck.

If you help me I'll love you forever~ And also draw you an icon!

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Okay, I'm not one to contest my grades. I get what I earn and I know that. But, this time it's different.

A couple of weeks ago I had to so a group project with 3 other guys. We made a powerpoint on a book then presented it. The way we split it up was in chapters. I had the second chapter, so I presented second.

Except for how I didn't. We didn't get to me. We got through maybe 8 out of 31 slides because the teacher interrupted us and our presentation created a lot of discussion in the class. As it was supposed to. When we noticed that we might not get to our chapter, the tree of us that were not the first guy started to insert our chapters into it. We would ask questions and do all that "interaction" stuff. Plus, we had to have some sort of intro before the whole thing, so I read a children's book that was pretty much what our book was about.

We got our grades back today. I got a 72. The boy who actually got to go got an eighty-something. I can understand how he "presented" more, but it's because the teacher wouldn't let us. Other groups got by with hardly any interruptions. They got through pages and pages of slides, showed all their pretty pictures, all of that. Why did our group get the short stick? If we had known that our grade would depend on what we got to present, you can bet we would have made it more equal.

God damn. What really pisses me off is that I did the most work. Really. I stupidly said I'd do the powerpoint so I was up til 3am putting all the stuff together. And then we didn't get to use most of it. Ugh.

I talked to the one member of my group who was here today and we are going to talk to the teacher. I'm just kinda pissed.
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And it's also for charity to help someone pay for eye surgery so they can see. And yes, thinking about eye surgery makes me want to go curl up in a ball and die, but this girl needs to see, y'all! So, go take a look around. Cool stuff.

also i just finished a crap term paper and want to die in a corner and take everyone with me so they can feel my pain.fuck school can i quit?

ahahah why don't i add all the tags ever to this post. idek.
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So, my Queer in Popular Culture class is awesome. It looks like it will be really fun and informative.

Only, some of these people will be the death of me.

At the end of class today we had to get into small groups and talk about a pop culture show that is on now, and past examples of queers in pop culture. My small group was all straight girls (who did the thing where they say something like "I'm straight but..." which the teacher had commented on just before). Whatever. That's fine, let's just get onto the discussion.
After discussing some gay characters, one of the girls piped up with how her parents were pretty okay with homosexuality, only they did the "just keep it behind closed doors/where I can't see it" or "being gay is fine, just don't throw it in our faces" thing. We talked a bit about how that is wrong and bothers us.

Then, a moment later when talking about Adam Lambert, the "stimulated blow-job on stage" thing from last year came up. The girls went on to say how "that was a little too much" and how they didn't really like it.

Hahah-whut? You're serious?

"The out cry wasn't because it was gay it was because it was indecent."

"Yeah, if it was a girl doing something like that, the same thing would have happened."

And so on.

Girls, no. NO. What you are saying? It's the same as what you said you didn't like other people doing. I can understand if you don't follow pop culture as much as me, but female and male singers have been doing similar things. They dance "indecently" all the fucking time. Around the same time as the Lambert brouhaha someone, I think it was Pink, did the same thing. No one cared.

It was because it was a gay man, doing that to a guy. You saying that it was wrong because any PDA is kinda icky? Rethink that. Because you've seen other performers do acts like that all the time, you just don't notice it.

And, please, recognize your hypocrisy. Because what you did was just like a person saying "I'm not racist, but I hate Mexicans" (which has happened to me). I don't mind some hypocrisy. We are all hypocrites. But a person should understand that they are. You don't have to change, just at least know.


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