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And it's also for charity to help someone pay for eye surgery so they can see. And yes, thinking about eye surgery makes me want to go curl up in a ball and die, but this girl needs to see, y'all! So, go take a look around. Cool stuff.

also i just finished a crap term paper and want to die in a corner and take everyone with me so they can feel my pain.fuck school can i quit?

ahahah why don't i add all the tags ever to this post. idek.
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okay. i want a new layout. only, i cannot make layouts. i fail at all the html and shiny stuff.

i have an image that i would love love love to be made into one.

is the base image. i'd want to add some text or something, but first i'd like to know if anyone can help with this.

and yes, this is me begging.

i will doodle for you things! i will make things! just... make my journal pretty and not generic layout anymore. pls?
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So, last week I made a stop at a craft store to pick up a few pieces of fabric. Somehow, I ended up with lots of other stuff, too.

Including embroidery floss. Now see- I don't enbroider. I sometimes will do tiny details on the shit I sew, but that's about it. I don't even sew that well. I just stick fabrics together and push a needle through and sometimes tie knots. It works out okay in the end. Since I do not do embroidery, why would I need the floss? To make prepubescence friendship bracelets, of course!

And I am doing so much better than I did when I made these as a kid. Like, I never knew how to make the flat ones. Now I can.

A first I could only do one simple pattern, but now I've learned a couple other ones, too.

I've also taken to promising friends bracelets. I've even mailed one out already!

But I've started some super thread-heavy ones and am running out of key colors. There were also the first things I made that were the most crap of crap. So now I'm looking at buying more. This little random "oh, why don't I see if I can do this still" project has now become an obsessive hobby.

I think I like it most because it is so mundane and monotonous. I love those kind of things and as soon as you get into the grove you can zone out. It also gives me something to do with my hands when watching MST3K (which has been my other obsession for the past week).

So people! Ask me for a bracelet! I'll make it (eventually). Pick some colors- a combination of 2 or 3 or 4 works. If there is a color you absolutely despise, tell me that too, as I am apt to add colors on a whim. When it's done I'll stalk ask you for your address and then mail it to you. In an awesomely decorated envelope!

Remember- the longer it takes me to make yours, the better it will be as I gain more experience!

I'm still working on some sewing stuff I told people I would do. Only, you need things for sewing, where if I cut the thread ahead of time, I can make them anywhere, even at school! I'll probably never finish my sewings.


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