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Hey guys, lemme tell you this funny joke I just learned!

Okay, so there is this male dental hygienist who works for a female dentist, right? And she is really hot and he's a bit doofy and always wears his pinkish-purple scrubs to work.

Well, anyway, she regularly does things like grabbing him, touching him, making sexual comments and spraying him with the little dentist water gun so she can look at his penis. When she finds out he is engaged she just comes right out and says she wants to fuck him.

She even does things like locking him in her office with her when she is only in a lab coat and panties and threatening his job while demanding him to sleep with her. It is a hoot!

But guys, okay- this is the really funny part. She gets the fiancee to come in and gasses her and demands that the man fuck her on his fiancees body because if he doesn't she'll tell the other women he did anyway. And she has pictures of the time she gassed him while doing his teeth and they are all in clearly sexual poses and are highly incriminating. So the guy says that that is rape, and that she is a rapist. And, you know what she says? (This is the part that got the biggest laugh guys, you ready?) "It's not like you were hard anyway."



Just, fuck you, movie. Seriously? Not only that, but the two other men in the movie do the whole "man, I'd love to have my hot female boss sexual harass me!" over and over. We get it, movie. Men can't be sexually harassed and it's only a problem if they want to stay faithful to their SO. Because every man wants to fuck every one/thing.

And everyone in the theater was laughing at this. Because lol it was a dude.

Fuck this movie and fuck the people who thought that this was the best idea for a plot. I hope they all get hundreds of paper cuts and spill lemonade on their hands. I hope they never make another movie again. I just.... my rage is too strong to actually think of anything else. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK.

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