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I've never watched Buffy.

So far, I've only seen one episode and it was "Once More With Feeling" at a live performance on Friday.

I know about Buffy from fandom and other things, but have not seen it for myself.

So, I am now watching it. And you can follow this @FishWatchBuffy.

I'm starting on season 1 now!
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Because I was only gone for a day and a half.
Plus, you'd totes know I was alive if you followed my twitter. I was tweeting like crazy for a while. Got stir crazy on the bus.
But! Not raped and murdered in Alabama. Did spend time drinking outside of a Waffle House at midnight though.

Now to write poetry stuff and go to sleep.
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So, someone (I think [ profile] imisspadfoot21 but other might have had something to do with it) has declared April Twitfic month. And there is even a calender for Dean/Cas twitfics.

look here )

So I've decided to do it. At least one short twitfic a day. And I'll follow the themes for the D/C but then twist them for any old fandom I think of. The hashtag I'm using is #AprilTwitfic.

And, here are today's fic:

#AprilTwitfic - Dean would not like to think that it was the demon who brought them together, but being locked in the safe room --
-- could only lead to one thing. Well, for him. He was surprised they managed two days.

Sheppard didn't really believe that the Ancient device would kill them if they didn't get married but he pretended for McKay.


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