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So, someone (I think [ profile] imisspadfoot21 but other might have had something to do with it) has declared April Twitfic month. And there is even a calender for Dean/Cas twitfics.

look here )

So I've decided to do it. At least one short twitfic a day. And I'll follow the themes for the D/C but then twist them for any old fandom I think of. The hashtag I'm using is #AprilTwitfic.

And, here are today's fic:

#AprilTwitfic - Dean would not like to think that it was the demon who brought them together, but being locked in the safe room --
-- could only lead to one thing. Well, for him. He was surprised they managed two days.

Sheppard didn't really believe that the Ancient device would kill them if they didn't get married but he pretended for McKay.
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So many pieces something will get hit, but much of it will miss. Or something. Titles have been added because I'm like that. And most of them are obscure titles only I get. Whee~ inside jokes with myself. Mostly SPN, with a few other fandoms.

Many, many under here, bbs. )

There is also a chain of SPN/Due South twitfics, but those are in progress with [ profile] ladyyueh. XD
I will probably not expand any of these. But they are fun.
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So, I did a few crossover drabbles a few days ago. And they are ones I could probably expand a bit, if people prodded me a bit. Here they are, bitches!


Psych/White Collar )

SPN/Bones )

So if you want to see more of one of these, tell me. I don;t know what one to do next.
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Spreading Holiday Cheer Meme
Spreading Holiday Cheer Dean/Castiel Commentfic Meme
Prompt, write, and spread the love!

No, I am not pimping this because I helped inspire it and make the graphic. Nu-uh, not at all.

Except, yes.

And if there are prompts that really strike me, I will doodle. Trufax. Now to spam some comments with short little drabblettes.
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I am going to make a group doodle of chat as dinosaurs. So, pick your dino and your colors so I can add all y'all.
Try to avoid copying dinosaurs, but colors can be copied a bit.
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I don't know where this came from.

All they could do was run.
The rules were set and there was no way out. No hundred year-old book could save them, no phrase in some long forgotten tongue.
It was something deep and primal and it was behind them. It was not visible, but Dean felt it at his back. Everything in him was telling him to run, so he did. It crashed through the underbrush behind them.
Castiel's breath was ragged and harsh, rasping out between his lips in quick puffs of white.
Deans feet kicked the ground, pounding so hard as to almost make him stumble with each stride. He was tiring and it was harder to pick his feet up. If he had been walking he would say he shuffled, but instead his toe dragged along the dirt and his arms flung out to keep him upright. They were slowing, and the sounds of pursuit seemed to grow even louder, more menacing.

Dean fell, crashing against Castiel. Castiel grabbed at his shirt and pulled, yanking him along. Dean did not want to continue. He wanted to give up. But, it knew what Dean was thinking. He could not give it the satisfaction. He gripped Castiel in return and they went.
The vegetation was coming to an end in front of them. They could see the rocks that edged the forest. Beyond the scattering of stones was an impossible desert. It was open and safe. If they could just get there. If they could just reach...

It sped up, knowing they were reaching their goal. Toying with them was fine, but it would not lose it's prey.
The sun was on their faces now. It was a welcome warmth after the branches that clawed them and tried to pull them back. That sensation gave them the last motivation they needed. They were not condemned to die in the darkness. They would live and be free.
Hours seemed to pass, but they made it over the rocks, weaving and tripping and scrambling. Castiel would say the sight in front of him was even more beautiful than heaven.
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Title:That Dappled Dream
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Notes: A response/continuation of [ profile] 9_of_clubs's fic And then the sun rises... Best read while listening to Do What You Gotta Do, as that is what was playing when I wrote it. It was meant to be a "and they all live happily ever after forever and ever the end" coda, but as with anything to do with my dear Neuf, it turned kinda hurty. But I loved writing it.

Find that dappled dream of yours, Come on back and see me when you can )


Oct. 6th, 2009 12:11 pm
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So I made a cover/tracklist/banner for a fanmix [ profile] luminare_arduamade for [ profile] neierathima. So it's like a nice team effort, natch. Here are the pretties, if you want to see.



I'm also in love with the mix. I have listened through it many times while making the images. It's very fun.
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Title: omg, this just started as thigh holster porn, idek
Author: [ profile] thisfishflies
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, PWP, fluff
Spoilers: 5.04
Word Count: 1,400
warnings/summary- spoilery )

The thigh holster is new. Dean has never had a love for holsters, as they are hard to rip off and ditch if it's needed. )
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Title: Intervention
Author: [ profile] thisfishflies
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: 5.04
Word Count: ~800
warnings/summary/pairing- spoilery )

Dean explores the new scars on his body )


Sep. 15th, 2009 05:18 pm
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That picture of Castiel sitting on a motel bed? Witht he bad horsey decor?

Anyone got a nice copy of that?
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So, this is based of of a shoebox-type Dean/Cas thing some people in chat were brainstorming. There was a bit about a photographer!Cas and a model!Dean, and this is what I though of. I've sort of stolen some of the ideas and added my own. Plus, it's pretty.

we are still here )

Also, I kinda made this only to have something to use the background picture for. I'm in love with it, but had nothing to work with it. So, you get this.
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From Deancas CHAT word prompt. Just a quick merfic bit. If you give me a few more prompts I'll try to do more as I work on more. I just need to get the juices flowing.


The room smelled of fish and brine and sand covered the floor. Castiel's boots leaned against the open door and fell inside themselves without any support. The walls have lines of grime leading up to the kitchen sink, everything marked where Dean touched. He was curious about it all. None of this was ever under the waves, even in the sunken ships. A vase that held now dead flowers caught his attention the most. He tipped it over, spilling the dead plants and the water on the floor. The water was not salty, he marveled. Castiel just sighed and got a rag.


SRSLY. Give me prompts.
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"No Cas, we are not going to play 'I never'"

"But Dean, Sam says it is a traditional game. I would like to learn your culture. I've never played such a game."

"It's a drinking game. You can't drink."

"Dean, we have gone over this. Just because I don't need nourishment doesn't mean I cannot imbibe."

"No Cas. Jimmy didn't drink. You'd have no tolerance. All I need is a drunk angel of the lord on my hands."

"I'm sure that will not be a problem. Sam has said-"

"Sammy can keep his giant self out of this. Yeah, Sam, I see you. Stop giving Cas ideas!"

“I want to try this. It will allow you to learn more about me and foster a better synergy between us.”

“We'll play if you promise to never use the word 'synergy' again. It's enough to live in a horror movie, we don't need to add 'Dilbert' to it.”


“Never have I ever committed thievery.”


“Never have I ever been seduced by a siren.”


“Never have I ever slept with a women whose name I did not know.”


“Never have I ever had sex with a fallen angel.”

“Hey, aren't I supposed to go?”

“You just did Dean. You drank.”

“Wait- are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Never have I ever lusted after an angel.”

“Sammy put you up to this, didn't he?”

“Dean, you did not drink.”

“Fine. There. Now I'll go. Never have I ever lusted after someone I pulled from hell.”


“Really? Oh my god, you have been trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me!”

“Do you have any objections?”



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