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So many pieces something will get hit, but much of it will miss. Or something. Titles have been added because I'm like that. And most of them are obscure titles only I get. Whee~ inside jokes with myself. Mostly SPN, with a few other fandoms.

Many, many under here, bbs. )

There is also a chain of SPN/Due South twitfics, but those are in progress with [ profile] ladyyueh. XD
I will probably not expand any of these. But they are fun.
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So, I did a few crossover drabbles a few days ago. And they are ones I could probably expand a bit, if people prodded me a bit. Here they are, bitches!


Psych/White Collar )

SPN/Bones )

So if you want to see more of one of these, tell me. I don;t know what one to do next.
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So, I'm now working on another TW crossover. This one is TW/HP. I've even got a title, but no fanmix, yet. "Veiling the Rift". You can guess from the title what it is about.

And if you can't- Sirius appears in Cardiff after he falls through the Veil. The fun bit is that Sirius is still a dangerous criminal in the Muggle world. So Torchwood will have fun when they find out who he is. Mind probing! Learning about wizards! Learning about aliens! Learning the fate of the wizarding world! Reunions!

I'm planning on writing more before posting anything, although I do have the first little bit done.

I've also been working on the TW/Brainship story. I love the Ianto/Lisa back story and the Doctor is adorable as a Brainship.

Brainshp snippet )

Veil snippet )


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