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So, someone (I think [ profile] imisspadfoot21 but other might have had something to do with it) has declared April Twitfic month. And there is even a calender for Dean/Cas twitfics.

look here )

So I've decided to do it. At least one short twitfic a day. And I'll follow the themes for the D/C but then twist them for any old fandom I think of. The hashtag I'm using is #AprilTwitfic.

And, here are today's fic:

#AprilTwitfic - Dean would not like to think that it was the demon who brought them together, but being locked in the safe room --
-- could only lead to one thing. Well, for him. He was surprised they managed two days.

Sheppard didn't really believe that the Ancient device would kill them if they didn't get married but he pretended for McKay.
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So many pieces something will get hit, but much of it will miss. Or something. Titles have been added because I'm like that. And most of them are obscure titles only I get. Whee~ inside jokes with myself. Mostly SPN, with a few other fandoms.

Many, many under here, bbs. )

There is also a chain of SPN/Due South twitfics, but those are in progress with [ profile] ladyyueh. XD
I will probably not expand any of these. But they are fun.
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So, I did a few crossover drabbles a few days ago. And they are ones I could probably expand a bit, if people prodded me a bit. Here they are, bitches!


Psych/White Collar )

SPN/Bones )

So if you want to see more of one of these, tell me. I don;t know what one to do next.
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Well, Happyfest III has started. And after COE, I need it. I also made some images for it.

But, it looks like it will be fun. So, go check it out.

Happy!pictures )

Fandom Happy!pictures )
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I don't know which to work on, though. I have my SGA/Numb3rs fic, my Merlin/Marvel crossover, and my Merlin coloringbook!crack.

And I have been having unhealthy urges to write other crossovers. I should not be allowed to think of crossovers. I mean, I've had a SGA/Eureka crossover dancing around my hard drive for a while. I mean, there are only so many ways you can start to write Nathan Stark and Rodney McKay fighting before it all spirals into random insults and yelling. I have three drabbles that is them just doing that. And they get mean.

Time for random fic idea explaination )

And now I have to write one of these. I'm on Spring Break, so I have time to do them. I just don't know which to work on first. So, maybe a poll.

[Poll #1365052]
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Title: Gravity, Lift, and Air Resistance
Fandom: SGA/Numb3rs
Pairing: pre-John/Rodney
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: ~500
Note: Third in the "Dots & Lines" 'verse. Because you know John was a troublemaker as a child. And I wanted to write something short and fluffy. Some of this is based on fact. I might have done what John did on his bike. The outcome was the same. I've messed around with the ages a bit. Just go with it.
Summary: Johnny and Donny play. Charlie tries to teach them a lesson, but it backfires.

Past Installments of Connecting Dots & Straight Lines.

I just want to hug little Johnny and Donny. I mean, John all covered with bandages, Don's face all scrunched up and worried. The only thing that would make it more d'aww would be to imagine that Charlie wearing knee socks and short, and with jam all over his face. He'd be all "Let me explain the mysteries of the world" while his mom just grabs his head and says "first let's clean your face." Sure he's a super!genius, but he is still six.

Yes, when I was young I thought it would be possible to ride without hands or feet. I mean, I could do each independently, so why not together? I learned some physics that day. And that people will stop their car if you wipeout hard enough.

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Title: Reunions, Introductions, and Discussions of Security Clearance
Fandom: SGA/Numb3rs
Pairing: pre-John/Rodney
Rating: G
Spoilers: All seasons of SGA, small ones for Numb3rs
Word count: ~2000
Note: Second in my SGA/Numb3rs crossover 'verse I am calling "Connecting Dots & Straight Lines". A sequel to "Ancestry". This one is more from the Numb3rs viewpoint, but goes more into the Eppes/Sheppard relationship. It will get to the slash. You know, after the crime fighting.
Summary: John visits his cousins. They aren't expecting him and no one is prepared for Rodney.

“Yes, yes. Reunions and familial love and all that fun stuff. Can we now talk about something important?” Rodney whined. )


So, there's the next bit. Hope people like it. The next installment might take a bit longer but it will probably be from the SGA POV again. I need to re-watch some Numb3rs to get the voices right. I also need a SGA/Numb3rs icon. Feedback is welcome. I have no beta, so there are probably way too many mistakes to think of.

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Title: Ancestry, or How Colonel Sheppard's Hair Defied Genetics, Too
Fandom: SGA/Surprise crossover
Pairing: John/Rodney-ish
Rating: G
Spoilers: Small ones for the whole series
Word count: ~1000
Note: This started out as a short, funny drabble. Now it somehow has angst peppered in. I don't know how it happened. This whole story was just supposed to be dialogue, but I sorta fail at that. But I had to get this out anyway, or else the idea would bounce around my head forever. And this crossover makes me happy.
Summary: Rodney learns that some of his jokes about Sheppard's hair have been right.

His hair seems to match his mood, droopy and hanging in a way that shows it does follow the laws of physics. Sometimes. )

The Hair, short. )

I want to write a sequel or something. Really, really badly. I mean, Atlantis practically ends up on the Numb3rs doorstep. And John's mother could be related to the Eppes brothers' mom. They could all fight crime and Wraith with math, physics, & hair. With slouching appearing once or twice. It would have double!Team. Colby and Ronon bond over weapons. Megan and Teyla would totally hit it off. Charlie and Rodney would be having geek!gasms in the garage ("Chalkboards? Real live chalkboards? Get your minions to get us some coffee, we have chalk to destroy!" "They are not minions, they are FBI agents. We have to solve the case, not make them our gofers." "FBI, Marines, whatever. They have small brains and hands. Let them do something useful.") John and Don are totally related. I know this in my bones.

So, I might do this.


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