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So, does anyone know of a community that will give you book recs? Like some of the fic search/genre search ones?

Because lately I've been having urges to read some types of books but really hate flooding my flist with requests.

Like, I really want to read boarding school books. And now, ballet/dancing books. Young adult, mostly.

If there is not a comm, there should be.

(also, if youknow any ballet/dancing books- rec me! and still looking for more boarding school books.)

(and fics in any of my fandoms that fit are welcome too!)
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Okay. For some reason I want to read some good books with boarding school, be they normal or magical. Just gimmie the books and no one will get hurt!

So, help me, my wonderful flist. You guys are sure to know some good ones. I'll reward those who help with doodles (bribes!).
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There are some things that you return to, over and over again. Movies, songs, tv shows, and books. Heck, in fandom there are fics that you read again and again. If you are me, at least. Sometimes it's just because you like it and it's familiar. Other times it is for some other reason entirely.

I just finished one of those books myself. And, as I gushed about it over twitter, felt the need to make a proper rec post for it.

The book is Aria of the Sea by Dia Calhoun.

In this book Cerinthe leaves her island far in the north to become a dancer at the royal school. She travels not only towards her dream, but from dark occurrences in her past. On her island she was an apprenticed folk healer and something horrible happened so she gave up healing totally. She can no longer even give the simplest advice for healing burns or sore throats.

At school, she encounters many hardships. One of her greatest is that she is a commoner, where most of the other children are wealthy. Cerinthe even enters into a rivarly with one of the most spoiled girls in her class.

From that description this book sound like any other boarding school story. But is is so much more. It is not "good vs. evil" like Harry Potter. It is not all about the different classes. Instead it is about choice and life. The book does not say, like how so many do, that as long as you try hard you will succeed. It is realistic. The children feel like children and everyone is a person.

Every time I read it I think how, even with having a little girl being followed by the dark ship of death, the book is very positive. Something about it makes me want to give it to every young girl. It tells you to follow your dreams and know what your dreams really are. There is even a section that deals with harmful relationships. Heck- the romantic aspects aren't even the main point of this story but the conclusion to it makes me so joyous. You know how reading Twilight made you feel? This book will fix it.

So, that. Check this book out from your library. Read it. It's great.
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Man, I have not read any STXI in forever. Like, I remember living on the kink meme for the longest time. I need to catch up with the WIPs I was following. With that said---

Anyone have some good recs?

Spock/Kirk is <3
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Going to Alabama tomorrow. Like, forever on a bus with my brother.

So, rec me long fic for me to put on my phone! Happy fic! First time! AUs! Kid!fic! Other recs!

STXI- Kirk/Spock
SGA- McShep
TW- Jack/Ianto
RPS- Pinto or Bradley/Colin
aaaaand anything else you'd think I'd like. Come on, peoples, help me~~~


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