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Hey, it's that time again! Time to


Okay, so, here is the deal- I'm buying a new laptop next week. Because the one I have right now is literally falling to pieces and parts are being held together by hopes and dreams and duct tape and stickers.

But before I buy it, I'd love to make any more extra money.

Would you like me to
+make you a doodle?
+make you a cover?
+make many icons?
+make you pretty much any random graphic thing?

Because I will! For the low price of Whatever You Are Willing to Pay Me (over $0).

I'm also willing to make you things. Like
+small stuffed things
+friendship bracelets
+something with buttons

But, as these are physical things that need shipping, they would have to have actual prices. ;)

So, just comment here with what you'd like and what you'd pay and I'll see if I can do it (which will most likely be yes).

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And it's also for charity to help someone pay for eye surgery so they can see. And yes, thinking about eye surgery makes me want to go curl up in a ball and die, but this girl needs to see, y'all! So, go take a look around. Cool stuff.

also i just finished a crap term paper and want to die in a corner and take everyone with me so they can feel my pain.fuck school can i quit?

ahahah why don't i add all the tags ever to this post. idek.
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So. I finished my entry and submitting it. The voting will open soon and I'll link y'all. I can't tell you which is mine, but just vote for what you think is best & all that. Come on, it'll be fun!

Also, the game Dragon Age is addictive. I seem to be in love with the rouge class, though. And I have not gotten far, as I keep making new characters. Yeah~~~

Really, this entry is mostly cause I haven't posted in a while. And my economics class is boring right now.

Now to whittle the time away on twitter~
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My laptop is held together by tape. In several places.

First, the spacebar. When trying to clean out the keyboard, I pried it up. The something broke off and now it does not stick. So, it's taped on. And now there is even more cat hair stuck under there to the tape.

Pretty much my keyboard telling me to go fuck myself, yes?

The next place it is held together- the screen. I'm not quite sure when it happened, but I noticed cracks on the top of my laptop, around the corners. So, like any smart person, I covered them with stickers and tape to hold it together. Shut up- that is my solution to everything. Lately I've had to pop the cracks back into place... You might see where this is going, yes?

I openedit today and stopped.Because the case was pulling away from the screen. This is not good.

pictures of the damage. )

Soooo, I'll be buying a new, cheap laptop next weekend after payday. Like, pretty much the same specs as this, but not broken. And then I'll have to somehow transfer everything over to the new one. I don't know how to do that. Can I do it so I don't have to reinstall software? Cause a lot of my graphics are kinda pirate. Like, all of them. And I don't know how I actually got them to work.

I've never had a working computer when I got a new one. I lost everything when my first laptop died. Nothing to transfer.

Ugh. Just fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Why can't laptops be unbreakable? I hardly even dropped this one!
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yeah. i need to write some original stuff. at least a short story. or some story.
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From [ profile] entropy_maximum.

Put your ipod/mp3 player/nearest music playing device on shuffle and answer the questions with the songs that come up. No cheating!

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There are many ways in which I am weird. Like, I love getting shots and standardized testing. If someone said "Hey, do you want to take the SATs and then get a vaccination booster?" that would be the best day ever.

I also love mind-numbing tasks. Simple things like collating, photocopying, vacuuming, stapling, laminating, and (my favorite) stuffing envelopes.

At my mom's old job I would come in whenever she had to stuff several hundred envelopes and do it for her. I'd get sad if she did it herself. Sometimes I'd even get to put them through the postage meter.

That is how boring I am. Give me a stack of paper and tell me to fold it and I'll do it all day.

This is why I think I would be awesome in an office environment. Some people start at the entry level jobs with the hope of moving up the ladder but I would just be happy with my white-out and staple remover and my size 10 window envelopes.

I need to start doing origami. Paper is fun~
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Because I was only gone for a day and a half.
Plus, you'd totes know I was alive if you followed my twitter. I was tweeting like crazy for a while. Got stir crazy on the bus.
But! Not raped and murdered in Alabama. Did spend time drinking outside of a Waffle House at midnight though.

Now to write poetry stuff and go to sleep.
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So. Lately I've been talking with [ profile] tehopheliac for way too long and crazy late. And I don't talk on the phone much. Really- I hang up on friends if they keep me on for longer than 10 minutes or so.

It's so bad that my best friend (who's currently in Japan, the whore) thinks that I am leaving her and had to woo me back with promises of postcards and pictures of strange things.

But. I've been a bit obsessed with my new phone. Not only do I have Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" for the ring tone, but "Eye of the Tiger" is my text message ring. I have King of Leon's "Sex on Fire" downloaded too, but don't want to risk it going off when at work. The main point of this bit was to say that is you have free texts or anything, pm me your number and I will text you nonsense. Because that will make me happy.

Also, tomorrow Iplan to doodle. A lot. My friend in Japan gave me a list of things to doodle for her, so I'mma do that. But! Add your own strange random objects to the list.

The list so far )

And, because I don't think I've posted this here- unicorns.

Unicorns. )
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So, me and my friend are pretty horrible people. This is a conversation we had awhile ago:

I think we are in an abusive relationship. )
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You know, I don't like the "FR" rating system. I always have to stop and think for a second when I see it.


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