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There are some things that you return to, over and over again. Movies, songs, tv shows, and books. Heck, in fandom there are fics that you read again and again. If you are me, at least. Sometimes it's just because you like it and it's familiar. Other times it is for some other reason entirely.

I just finished one of those books myself. And, as I gushed about it over twitter, felt the need to make a proper rec post for it.

The book is Aria of the Sea by Dia Calhoun.

In this book Cerinthe leaves her island far in the north to become a dancer at the royal school. She travels not only towards her dream, but from dark occurrences in her past. On her island she was an apprenticed folk healer and something horrible happened so she gave up healing totally. She can no longer even give the simplest advice for healing burns or sore throats.

At school, she encounters many hardships. One of her greatest is that she is a commoner, where most of the other children are wealthy. Cerinthe even enters into a rivarly with one of the most spoiled girls in her class.

From that description this book sound like any other boarding school story. But is is so much more. It is not "good vs. evil" like Harry Potter. It is not all about the different classes. Instead it is about choice and life. The book does not say, like how so many do, that as long as you try hard you will succeed. It is realistic. The children feel like children and everyone is a person.

Every time I read it I think how, even with having a little girl being followed by the dark ship of death, the book is very positive. Something about it makes me want to give it to every young girl. It tells you to follow your dreams and know what your dreams really are. There is even a section that deals with harmful relationships. Heck- the romantic aspects aren't even the main point of this story but the conclusion to it makes me so joyous. You know how reading Twilight made you feel? This book will fix it.

So, that. Check this book out from your library. Read it. It's great.
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Well, I was going to make a kinda meta post that I've been planning for a while, but am not up to it. So, I'll just whine about RL.

Recently, my best friend came back from Japan after 6 months. And I'm happy- I've missed her. Only, she is really disrupting my work out schedule. I've only gotten back to it just last month. I walk/run on the treadmill Sunday-Thursday when the shows I watch on TV are on. Usually between 8 and 10. I make an exception for Wednesdays and finish early because another friend comes over to watch In Plain Sight with me.

I like working out. I get that nice endorphin high and am all smiley. I like the slight ache of my legs and love stretching after. But I only feel this way while and after. I have to make myself start by psyching myself up and with the promise of my TV shows.

I only worked out two days last week. The other days I was hanging out with her. And on one of the nights I was getting spectacularly drunk and tweeting about it and probably doing other embarrassing things.

I feel selfish about it, but I don't want friends to come over after I've done four miles and am all stinky before I shower. The only reason the other friend does is that In Plain Sight has been a ritual for over a year and we both go all fangirl-squee over it. I can't hang out with the friend who just came home some other times because I work. I've also gotten into the habit of texting to make plans, and she does not have a cell phone right now. So we can't do the "let's grab something for lunch and hang for an hour before you leave" thing that I do with other friend. It's more of an all day, all afternoon thing. Plus, we really get into shows and marathon things. Like, we watched half of season 2 of Leverage before I realized she had not seen season 1. We pretty much are marathon friends who will spend days together, doing stuff.

But that's not really possible now. That does make me feel bad. Except, she has no health problems like me and is a healthy weight. I am not. I'm trying to get there but the distractions are really messing it up.

Ugh. I think I've said the same time several times. I need to sleep. I work in a few hours.
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it's when you wonder "did I just buy a sewing machine or a fucking lot of needles" that you realize you should not shop after midnight.

and that you can make such a mistake says something about you.

and when you really don't care what you end up with? yeah, you crazy.

so, this summer I plan to learn to draw. or, draw more. and try drawing people. let's see how far I get with that.

I'm back to my "draw random pictures with random phrases next to them" habit.
I think this means I just need to get drunk and churn out some drunk!doodles. only, my drunk!doodle friend is still in Japan. oh woe is me.

it's hard to make buttons holes in ribbon.

by the end of the summer i will either have saved money for a new laptop, or have bought a sewing machine. either or.

I'm five episodes behind on Supernatural.

here ends my ramblings. sorry for not paying attention to my flist. if you follow me on twitter you would have seen that i was not dead at all, just lazy. so what I'm saying is follow me on twitter so I can talk at you even when I forget all about lj. which happens a lot.

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