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From Deancas CHAT word prompt. Just a quick merfic bit. If you give me a few more prompts I'll try to do more as I work on more. I just need to get the juices flowing.


The room smelled of fish and brine and sand covered the floor. Castiel's boots leaned against the open door and fell inside themselves without any support. The walls have lines of grime leading up to the kitchen sink, everything marked where Dean touched. He was curious about it all. None of this was ever under the waves, even in the sunken ships. A vase that held now dead flowers caught his attention the most. He tipped it over, spilling the dead plants and the water on the floor. The water was not salty, he marveled. Castiel just sighed and got a rag.


SRSLY. Give me prompts.
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So, I kept telling myself all day that I would finish the next part of merfic before going to sleep. Well, that is a lie. I'm so tired if I tried to do anything it would just be writing about how tired I am.

But! Here, have a snippet. This is the beginning of the next part, and may be familiar to some in CHAT.


Haha, that snippet is longer than the prologue. So, there's that.

I'll be needing a beta if this get's any longer. I mean, I should have one anyway, but I never really bother for anything less than 1k. But I really want merfic to be good and I always play fast and loose with my tenses.

And here's another little thing. It is from my creative writing class. We got prompts and I picked "you have a cough, get new medication and it makes something weird happen" or something like that. Only I've only gotten to the getting the meds, not the reaction yet. I want to finish this because it is second person and makes me laugh.

I did not choose this just so I could give someone whooping cough. )
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Title: Tern in the Tempest: Prologue
Author: [ profile] thisfishflies
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~200 (WIP
Summary: AU. Dean is a lonely merman fighting against his father. Castiel is lost at sea and losing.

Tern in the Tempest

The storm is boiling on the horizon. It turns slowly, faces appearing and melting in the clouds. The setting sun dyes it all a purple, but with a sickly green edge, like a bruise. With waves already cresting white, the sea reaches up to the sky, only to be blown back by the wind.

Dean loves it. He can feel the familiar power of the ocean surrounding him- pulling him along. But the air, the air is electric. It's foreign and moves him in a curious way. His father would not understand, nor his brother. It's something just for him, something Dean doesn't have share. He takes one last longing look at the sky.

Then, between a flash of lightening and the roll of thunder, Dean jumps into a wave- his fin shining silver before the wave crashes down. The water gets colder the deeper he goes, but something still sparks across Dean's skin. Perhaps current is changing, bringing fresher waters to his nose.

Inside the tempest a small ship is tossed, winds whipping around the masts, trying to tear sails that are no longer there. One lone figure fights against it all, stumbling along the deck to tie the lines and securing everything to the sides. A crate comes loose and knocks the man's legs out from under him. His head bounces off a railing and he falls down, down into the black depths.

More to come. Will give proper name and such when I get more done. Got a title.


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