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Title: Not the Italian Job, Part One
Author: [ profile] thisfishflies
Wordcount: ~1k, WIP
Charcaters/Ships: Hardison, Eames, Arthur this part.
Spoilers: Post-movie for Inception. Pre-series for Leverage. Slight spoilers, perhaps.
Summary: Hardison knows some forgers. They didn't meet in a chat room.
Notes: IDEK how I wrote all of this. And how I am still going. Just... yeah. The timelines might be a bit skewered, but that always happens for me. No beta yet, but I'll fix it up pretty before posting to a comm or something.

When Hardison mentioned he knew some good forgers, what he really meant was he knew a good forger. Eames. )
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I need the new [ profile] inception_kink post to open, like,now. I really want a fic where Eames is like "You managed a kick in zero-G and just might have Mcgyuver skills?" or something. Where Arthur has insane creativity when solving problems and says to Eames "You don't have to dream big when you dream specific" or something.

Also, I need some Inception icons.

RL Update: my building at school was evacuated because of Civil War relics. The bomb squad or some such was called. There were two helicopters and news vans. Yeaaah- my life is exciting! It was a fun few hours this morning.
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Yeah, do it bitches.

On the other hand, my Inception fic. I've come up with a new beginning to the snippet I wrote before, and am writing a real live fic! That will not be a snippet? IDEK guise.

Also, I superimposed Arthur and Eames into a book I just read, but it was about a Scottish duchess and a Irish maybe-spy. The duchess also ~solved crime~ and ran a maid service and accidentally started an escort service. It didn't last long.
But, Arthur was the lady? And Eames the womanizing, penniless, Irish peer. I'mnot quite sure who the lady's best friend would have been. She was a... manizer? Or, a womanizer but with men, as she was a women. And Irish!Eames was all "oh, Lady, you need to be safe you should probably stop getting involved with murder" and Lady!Arthur was all "dude, just because I hung off the side of a cliff after my rope broke when rock climbing and people shoot at me and I find dead bodies and maybe die from plane crash doesn't mean I can't do stuff! No stop jerking me around, you hoooor!"

Or something.

All I'm saying is that I wouldn't mind a rich!Arthur getting into scraps and solving mysteries while also being upper class and competent and Eames still helping sometimes and still being a bit of a cad and a secret police-type person.

Now to go work on my Inception fic of doom and fish and mind-blowing awesome writing.
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I wrote Inception fic!

After a night of no sleep, staying up to read Inception fic.

And, it's really more of a ficlet than anything. Like, I plan to expand on this idea way more and make it understandable to more people. But, you can read the thing here.

Yeah, the floors exploding into ideas and shit follows them from the dreams. And Eames has a sekrit identity.

Hopefully I'llbe able to better explain this when I'm not going on no sleep and skipping class.


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