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I need the new [ profile] inception_kink post to open, like,now. I really want a fic where Eames is like "You managed a kick in zero-G and just might have Mcgyuver skills?" or something. Where Arthur has insane creativity when solving problems and says to Eames "You don't have to dream big when you dream specific" or something.

Also, I need some Inception icons.

RL Update: my building at school was evacuated because of Civil War relics. The bomb squad or some such was called. There were two helicopters and news vans. Yeaaah- my life is exciting! It was a fun few hours this morning.
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it's when you wonder "did I just buy a sewing machine or a fucking lot of needles" that you realize you should not shop after midnight.

and that you can make such a mistake says something about you.

and when you really don't care what you end up with? yeah, you crazy.

so, this summer I plan to learn to draw. or, draw more. and try drawing people. let's see how far I get with that.

I'm back to my "draw random pictures with random phrases next to them" habit.
I think this means I just need to get drunk and churn out some drunk!doodles. only, my drunk!doodle friend is still in Japan. oh woe is me.

it's hard to make buttons holes in ribbon.

by the end of the summer i will either have saved money for a new laptop, or have bought a sewing machine. either or.

I'm five episodes behind on Supernatural.

here ends my ramblings. sorry for not paying attention to my flist. if you follow me on twitter you would have seen that i was not dead at all, just lazy. so what I'm saying is follow me on twitter so I can talk at you even when I forget all about lj. which happens a lot.

bribe doodle )
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So. This is a post to say that I'm open for business. Meaning, I am willing to become a whore for fic. I have few talents to offer, but someone out there would like them, yes?

    I am willing to:






Heck, there is little I would not do.

    Things I want need:
  • Criminal Minds/Big Bang Theory crossover. Sheldon/Reid. I need this so so much. I have this plot in my head and if I could write it I would, but I'm pretty sure I'd fail. But I'd be willing to read anything with these two interacting.

  • Psych. Shassie. Anything with Shawn being good with guns, Lasiter being surprised with some knowledge he has, or Shawn!whump.

  • NCIS:LA. Sam/Callen. Like, anything.

  • Glee. Kurt/Puck. Future!fic, where they meet during/after college.

  • Crossover. Any meeting/pairing of any of these: Tony Dinozzo, Dean Winchester, Derek Morgan, Neal Caffrey, Shawn Spencer, John Sheppard, Tony Stark, Alec Hardison, Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Sheldon Cooper. Like, have them solving crimes, committing crimes, or just geeking out. I love them so much they have to meet and play together.

  • Like, anything in the fandoms mentioned above. Happy endings, first times... if you know me, you know the stuff I like. I'm easy.

  • So like, if you want my services, go for it.

    Now, I'm gonna go play with the light up Skittle spray candy my friend has. It looks like a light saber and I squeed like a five year old when she let me play with it. And yes, I am making the noises (when not singing along with the pokemon theme we are listening to.
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The trailer for Gamer. Every time I see it all I can think of is "wow this is slash fodder". At least it is to me. I mean, another person is controlling bodies? That could lead to a bit of dub-con. Or just kinky sex games. Plus, Kable being played by a boy named Simon?

Seriously, I haven't seen the movie- I don't even think it's out yet- but I've made fic plots in my head. Hell, these people might die in the movie or something. The movie might be horrible, too. I just don't care.

But if they don't I really want to see some fic for it. I mean, the body controlling. All I can think of is, well, great ideas for porn. Like, maybe Simon logs onto the game when nothing is happening and takes over Kable. He is uncomfortable, but Simon just responds with "Relax. It's just me. I'm doing this to you" or something. And then there is the whole prison aspect and the creepy guy who owns the game technology... It's a wonderful pot of slash cliches.

Okay, so I'll probably love this movie like I love Death Race. Because it pretty much is Death Race with more mind control and less car crashes and Jason Statham. Which is a pity.

When I was telling my friend about Death Race to get her to watch it she asked "what's it about?" "About?" I answered- "It's Jason Statham looking hot, driving cars, and killing people" "Wait, wasn't that the Transporter movies?" "That's every Jason Statham movie."
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So, [ profile] boxofmagic goes live today. I might be refreshing the page, hoping someone would update. I really have to stop.

Also, need to work on my STXI/Pokemon fusion fic. I lost a bit of it when the dogs ate my computer, so I decided to write a short prologue to get back into it.

Also also, need to write that porn I've promised someone.
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⌈THE STAR TREKβŒ‹Friending Meme

And my post is filled with STXI/DS wonderfulness. Like so:


I need to make some more.
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I have a strange urge to write Lucky Number Slevin fic. Every time I watch that movie I fall in love again. It is pretty much everything I want in a movie.

But, it needs more slash. And when I say "more" I mean "any". I mean, one character is called 'The Fairy'. And the main character got a date with him after 'talking' in the bathroom.

Which to me signals a bathroom blowjob. Okay, my slash goggles are so thick I can picture that in any movie, but this more than others.

So, I'm writing one. It's kinda crap right now, but I figure with only four other fics in this not-quite-fandom there's not much to judge it by.

Also, note to self- your mom is a lightweight. And when she gets tipsy she will start to tell stories of the times she started fights, accidently stole things, and other past drinking adventures. This will of course lead into the ways she dressed you up retardedly as a child (superman underwear and socks for gloves, fyi) and also how she got your dad drunk when you were conceived, because she didn't want to wait to have a second kid like he did. And the reason you are the youngest is because you were such a horrible baby.

So, drink with her more. If only to learn more drunken stories.
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So, one of my rules for fic was "No RPS". My only other ones are "No mpreg" and "No watersports".

Somehow, I've broken the RPS rule like it was not even there. At first, it was only Bradley/Colin in Merlin. I hardly ever read any J2 stuff, but mostly because I'm a Jensen girl. (Jared is fine and everything, but I fell in love with Dean first and I play favorites. So when Castiel came around I was so happy. Before is was just Dean/OMC and crossovers. Castiel was a godsend. Literally.) But, I've seem to have fallen in love with Pinto. Which is Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, for those not in the know (mean, probably no one on my flist).

I can't even feel guilty for this. All the kink memes have ruined me.

I mean, I was reading Pinto fics on break at work. Hell, I've been using my mom's netbook while my laptop is out. The only reason is to keep up with the fics.

Now I have to go read more fic.
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You know, a while ago I was explaining something from a show to a friend.

Then, I had to stop and think. I could not remember if that was from the show, or if it was from a fic.

My friend commented that I was getting fanfic confused with reality and I responded that canon could not be considered reality- it was still TV.

And then I remembered a fic where the character got distracted by a porn reality. And that just made a daisy chain of meta fic connections that I had to stop.

New lows.

Mar. 21st, 2009 12:01 am
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So, I never thought this would happen. I mean, I kinda always thought it was a bit iffy, and something I would never do.

But, it did.

Merlin has made me read RPS. I didn't want to. I avoided it with Supernatural, mostly because I am purely a Jensen girl (I mean, Jared is fine and all, but I think of him like my lab- cute, but sorta gangly and awkward and not someone I'd allow to be left alone with something breakable). I mean, Castiel was a (literal) godsend to me. Now I can read fic without feeling dirty! Hurrah!

But, Merlin. And Colin and Bradley. I tried to avoid it. Then, the pictures and the video diaries and the interviews and then a few fanvids and now I'm reading fic. In the back of my head I'm screaming "these people are real, they have feelings, and they might have nightmares if they read this" but the rest of me is just squeeing in glee.

I mean, dolphin noises. All the way.

Now, I'm going to find more fic and fall into that "in Lucifer's mouth" level of hell. But I'm sure there will be plenty of lovely people there with me.


GOD. Now I've read a J2-Colin/Bradley crossover. See, Merlin? This is what you turn me into. I sorta hate myself now.
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I don't know which to work on, though. I have my SGA/Numb3rs fic, my Merlin/Marvel crossover, and my Merlin coloringbook!crack.

And I have been having unhealthy urges to write other crossovers. I should not be allowed to think of crossovers. I mean, I've had a SGA/Eureka crossover dancing around my hard drive for a while. I mean, there are only so many ways you can start to write Nathan Stark and Rodney McKay fighting before it all spirals into random insults and yelling. I have three drabbles that is them just doing that. And they get mean.

Time for random fic idea explaination )

And now I have to write one of these. I'm on Spring Break, so I have time to do them. I just don't know which to work on first. So, maybe a poll.

[Poll #1365052]
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Title: What Am I?
Artist:  thisfishflies
Synopsis: This Mystery Activity book sets a strange task for Merlin. A mysterious stranger has taken Arthur prisoner and Merlin has to find him and set him free. Join Merlin on a dangerous journey to save Arthur. Work through the puzzles, play the games and answer the riddles to help Merlin save his  friend, the future king of Camelot.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Based on the book/idea here.  First installment of the "Merlin Mystery Activity Book" 'verse. Well, second if you count this comment!fic. And, this took me way to long to make. It would have been better if I had something beyond MS paint, but you have to play the cards you're dealt. It also killed me to slowly trace everything, then going back and erasing the best lines.

Merlin looked down at the parchment and sighed. Really, they had no imagination. )

More to come, when I am not so tired.

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SOOO, I'm writing a bit of Merlin/Iron Man. It's for the Kink Meme, but I'll probably fail at that. I mean, I'll try. I really want to have Tony/Merlin and then Tony/Arthur. Tony would be all disbelieving until Merlin did some magic and then he would want a drink. He would end up sleeping with Merlin because, well, it's Tony. He is an amazing slut. And Merlin is just too adorable for him to pass up.

He and Merlin would bond over the fact that they both kept something from their leader- Merlin's magic, Tony's being Iron Man. Tony would see that Merlin is totally in love with Arthur and try to get them together. Instead, he somehow ends up sleeping with Arthur. This leads to Tony/Merlin/Arthur. And then Merlin/Arthur.

There would be jousting and Iron Man being thought to be some magical knight (Uther sends Arthur to slay him?). Merlin and Tony would kill some magical thing, come back all sweaty and mussed (this is before the threesome bit, Arthur is jealous like a mofo).

Merlin send's Tony back with his magic and Tony's iPhone. Arthur still doesn't know about the magic in the end. Poor boy.

Utter, utter crack. It is MA:A meets Merlin. It is making me giggle
And I am writing it as I am supposed to be learning about Paleozoic Invertebrate Marine Life.

Want to know how Tony get's to Camelot? He was fixing Doctor Strange's new Mac. I'm not sure why everything is Apple, as I'm a PC girl, but Macs seem to interface with magic in my mind.

I promise promise to get back to SGA/#s as soon as I get this out of my head. I can't work with all the crack cluttering it all up.

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So, a fun thing I've just found- a slash penpal comm. I've tried the penpal thing before, but  it fell apart after a few months. I jsut did not have enough in common with the other person, I think.

Fandom could solve that. Who does not like to talk fandom? Who also does not like to receive letters? Add that together and you have something awesome.

Right now the
[ profile] snailslash  comm is small, but it just started. It just needs so pimpage to get it going. So, this is me trying.

It would be awesome to see more people in other fandoms join, and then spread the word. I mean, more fandoms can only be more good. Or whatever.

It would also be awesome to have a penpal of my own. To read my post, just look here to the introduction of awesome.

[profile] snailslash [profile] snailslash [profile] snailslash [profile] snailslash [profile] snailslash  ! ! ! ! !
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All day I've been dithering. I can't decide to watch Torchwood or not. I mean, I  know it is wonderful and everything, but I feel a bit guilty. I haven't seen any Doctor Who and it feels like I should, before.

But, I felt a similar feeling about Stargate Atlantis. The only thing that made that better was that I had watched many episodes of SG1 over the years. Sure, it's been haphazard and almost accidental, but I knew the back-story and could follow the plot easily. I knew the characters and don't get too confused when reading fics with crossovers (I still am a bit iffy on Mitchell. I've only seen one episode with him.) Plus, I'm making up for that now, slowly working my way through all of SG1.

I feel worse about the Doctor Who/Torchwood thing. I don't particularly want to watch Doctor Who. I know, it is also supposed to be wonderful and shiny and everything that is good. I just. I have some strange compulsion to not watch it. I've had similar feelings for other things, and I can't do anything to overcome it. I refused to watch Firefly for years.I held out on Supernatural until just a few weeks ago. I'm slowly working up to The Sentinel, too.

Only, I've finally gotten around to watching Merlin. Something about watching it made me want to watch Torchwood. I've been watching the first episode in bits and pieces until I fall back to Merlin. It is a strange form of ADD, I supose.

If I don't get through the first season of Torchwood soon I might do something drastic like watch Life On Mars, yet another thing I should have seen already. I mean, I've downloaded it on two seperate computers. You think it'd be watched by now.

Damn my strange form of tv series comitment-phobia. There really is something wrong with my brain.
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Title: Gravity, Lift, and Air Resistance
Fandom: SGA/Numb3rs
Pairing: pre-John/Rodney
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: ~500
Note: Third in the "Dots & Lines" 'verse. Because you know John was a troublemaker as a child. And I wanted to write something short and fluffy. Some of this is based on fact. I might have done what John did on his bike. The outcome was the same. I've messed around with the ages a bit. Just go with it.
Summary: Johnny and Donny play. Charlie tries to teach them a lesson, but it backfires.

Past Installments of Connecting Dots & Straight Lines.

I just want to hug little Johnny and Donny. I mean, John all covered with bandages, Don's face all scrunched up and worried. The only thing that would make it more d'aww would be to imagine that Charlie wearing knee socks and short, and with jam all over his face. He'd be all "Let me explain the mysteries of the world" while his mom just grabs his head and says "first let's clean your face." Sure he's a super!genius, but he is still six.

Yes, when I was young I thought it would be possible to ride without hands or feet. I mean, I could do each independently, so why not together? I learned some physics that day. And that people will stop their car if you wipeout hard enough.

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Title: Reunions, Introductions, and Discussions of Security Clearance
Fandom: SGA/Numb3rs
Pairing: pre-John/Rodney
Rating: G
Spoilers: All seasons of SGA, small ones for Numb3rs
Word count: ~2000
Note: Second in my SGA/Numb3rs crossover 'verse I am calling "Connecting Dots & Straight Lines". A sequel to "Ancestry". This one is more from the Numb3rs viewpoint, but goes more into the Eppes/Sheppard relationship. It will get to the slash. You know, after the crime fighting.
Summary: John visits his cousins. They aren't expecting him and no one is prepared for Rodney.

β€œYes, yes. Reunions and familial love and all that fun stuff. Can we now talk about something important?” Rodney whined. )


So, there's the next bit. Hope people like it. The next installment might take a bit longer but it will probably be from the SGA POV again. I need to re-watch some Numb3rs to get the voices right. I also need a SGA/Numb3rs icon. Feedback is welcome. I have no beta, so there are probably way too many mistakes to think of.

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Title: Ancestry, or How Colonel Sheppard's Hair Defied Genetics, Too
Fandom: SGA/Surprise crossover
Pairing: John/Rodney-ish
Rating: G
Spoilers: Small ones for the whole series
Word count: ~1000
Note: This started out as a short, funny drabble. Now it somehow has angst peppered in. I don't know how it happened. This whole story was just supposed to be dialogue, but I sorta fail at that. But I had to get this out anyway, or else the idea would bounce around my head forever. And this crossover makes me happy.
Summary: Rodney learns that some of his jokes about Sheppard's hair have been right.

His hair seems to match his mood, droopy and hanging in a way that shows it does follow the laws of physics. Sometimes. )

The Hair, short. )

I want to write a sequel or something. Really, really badly. I mean, Atlantis practically ends up on the Numb3rs doorstep. And John's mother could be related to the Eppes brothers' mom. They could all fight crime and Wraith with math, physics, & hair. With slouching appearing once or twice. It would have double!Team. Colby and Ronon bond over weapons. Megan and Teyla would totally hit it off. Charlie and Rodney would be having geek!gasms in the garage ("Chalkboards? Real live chalkboards? Get your minions to get us some coffee, we have chalk to destroy!" "They are not minions, they are FBI agents. We have to solve the case, not make them our gofers." "FBI, Marines, whatever. They have small brains and hands. Let them do something useful.") John and Don are totally related. I know this in my bones.

So, I might do this.


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