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So, I'm doing the Captain America/Iron Man Reverse Big Bang. Here are some doodles that have come from my brainstorming and such.

Spaceships and unicorns oh my! )


Jul. 21st, 2010 04:00 am
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i never listen to "don't look/watch/read that- it's horrible!"

fatcat wishes he did.
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So. A while ago [ profile] cloudyjenn wrote some SPN Daemon twitfic. Then [ profile] pandionpandeus drew them.

Well, I was bored and decided to trace Pandi's scans and color them. And, seeing as how her lines rock, it was awesome fun. I'll probably do more later.

Her original pictures can be found here.

Otters! )

I seem to be getting a hang of tracing and smoothing the lines. I need to start shading better, but the simple flat color seems to work best so far. The crow took for fucking ever. I do love it, though.
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new fillings today. still have more to do + getting all my wisdom teeth out. my mouth huuuurts.
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it's when you wonder "did I just buy a sewing machine or a fucking lot of needles" that you realize you should not shop after midnight.

and that you can make such a mistake says something about you.

and when you really don't care what you end up with? yeah, you crazy.

so, this summer I plan to learn to draw. or, draw more. and try drawing people. let's see how far I get with that.

I'm back to my "draw random pictures with random phrases next to them" habit.
I think this means I just need to get drunk and churn out some drunk!doodles. only, my drunk!doodle friend is still in Japan. oh woe is me.

it's hard to make buttons holes in ribbon.

by the end of the summer i will either have saved money for a new laptop, or have bought a sewing machine. either or.

I'm five episodes behind on Supernatural.

here ends my ramblings. sorry for not paying attention to my flist. if you follow me on twitter you would have seen that i was not dead at all, just lazy. so what I'm saying is follow me on twitter so I can talk at you even when I forget all about lj. which happens a lot.

bribe doodle )
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Well, me and [ profile] kijikun got to twittering about sweeping and Tony Stark and robots which of course led to a roomba. And how Tony would totes have one and it would be like his pet and he'd teach it tricks and his friends would think that Tony went a bit batty. But the roomba would love him and it would be adorable.

Which of course led to this:

And then I wrote a little ficlet:

So, yeah. In my mind, Tony has a faithful roomba companion.
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I keep doodling rainbows and unicorns. I might just start adding sparkles. IDEK.


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So. Lately I've been talking with [ profile] tehopheliac for way too long and crazy late. And I don't talk on the phone much. Really- I hang up on friends if they keep me on for longer than 10 minutes or so.

It's so bad that my best friend (who's currently in Japan, the whore) thinks that I am leaving her and had to woo me back with promises of postcards and pictures of strange things.

But. I've been a bit obsessed with my new phone. Not only do I have Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" for the ring tone, but "Eye of the Tiger" is my text message ring. I have King of Leon's "Sex on Fire" downloaded too, but don't want to risk it going off when at work. The main point of this bit was to say that is you have free texts or anything, pm me your number and I will text you nonsense. Because that will make me happy.

Also, tomorrow Iplan to doodle. A lot. My friend in Japan gave me a list of things to doodle for her, so I'mma do that. But! Add your own strange random objects to the list.

The list so far )

And, because I don't think I've posted this here- unicorns.

Unicorns. )
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Well, it has been demanded suggested that I draw holiday themed things for people. So.

What do you want Christmas-y, or Winter-y or something? I'll make them for e-cards and they will be awesome. Just comment and I'll have them done before the holidays hopefully. Because everyone knows I'm quick at shit. lol.
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Well, yesterday when I was ded tired CHAT/RL friend forced me to draw cuteness. The someone asked for an icon or one of the drawings and I had the though of just doodling icon sized, then i wouldn't have to deal with resizing and junk. I kinda fell asleep in the middle of making them.

Take them and use them all you want, just credit please. And a comment wouldn't be bad~

I think it's official that i can only draw cute )
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So. Some of you might have missed my obsession with drawing cute animals or dinoaurs. But, yeah, it's become a thing.

But, I'm kinda blanking on animal ideas, so give me some. I'll draw it, if I can, and incredibly cute. Dinosaurs are also okay, but they will be even less accurate. I will even make you icons with your name on it if you want. I just really want to doodle more.


Here are two from last night. )


Oct. 25th, 2009 04:35 am
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Well, I seem to draw giraffes a lot. And then it just devolves into any random animal i can think of, or that people suggest.

I like these drawings better than the last batch. I always surprise myself with the cute.

it's like noah's ark, but different. )
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So, more doodling in CHAT tonight. I don't feel like digging up the individual pictures of each one, so here is the full picture. It is large. I pretty much just open a huge canvas and then draw shit.

lookit this motherfucking tree )

The "lookit this motherfucking tree" was supposed to continue with "lookit this motherfucking tree. just look at it. it is a fucking amazing tree. stare at it's splendor." but I ran out of room.

Maybe sometime I'll work longer on my doodles.
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Here are some doodles. Mostly dinosaurs.




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