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Hardison graphic. Text: age of the geek, Hardison <3 fest

Hardison. He is a geek and he knows it.

But, what other geeks does he know? Does he chat with alien hunters on irc? Does he play Warcraft with NCIS agents? Does he get into comic debates with physicists? Does he email other members of the criminal underground? Does he stoop to writing real letters to wizards?

The answer is: of course. And more. He is just that awesome.

He probably even posts on livejournal and has a twitter. A young hacker needs to make connections.

So. Here is a fest for him. To give him the geeky love he needs and to explore his geek side.

Everything is welcome: gen, het, slash, AU, crossover, crack. The only rule is Hardison + a bit of the geek.

It's the age of the geeks. And the geek shall inherit the earth.

(this is my personal plug for any and all crossovers. because you know you want to.)
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So. I'm now working on a several Tron/Iron Man crossovers. The first hint of this was this twitter convo:


So I started on that. Then, I saw this. I focused on Flynn met Stane. I'm guessing they didn't liked each other very much. and I want post-Tron/EncomCEO!Flynn meeting Tony Stark. It would be marvelous. And then I started thinking about those. Then trying to figure out the time periods and ages. And I decided to do them all. First they would just be snippets, but now they are just all part of the same story.

And, just for fun, here is my half made up/half fact time line that I shall be using: HALF OF THESE NUMBERS ARE FAKE. )

A peak of the first snippet I am writing:

Kevin Flynn meets Obadiah Stane several times in the years he was CEO of ENCOM. He doesn't really think of those encounters much while he is building his city on the Grid. Stane was not really someone that came to mind much. Who Flynn thought of often was Howard Stark.
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Title: Not the Italian Job, Part One
Author: [ profile] thisfishflies
Wordcount: ~1k, WIP
Charcaters/Ships: Hardison, Eames, Arthur this part.
Spoilers: Post-movie for Inception. Pre-series for Leverage. Slight spoilers, perhaps.
Summary: Hardison knows some forgers. They didn't meet in a chat room.
Notes: IDEK how I wrote all of this. And how I am still going. Just... yeah. The timelines might be a bit skewered, but that always happens for me. No beta yet, but I'll fix it up pretty before posting to a comm or something.

When Hardison mentioned he knew some good forgers, what he really meant was he knew a good forger. Eames. )
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So, I did a few crossover drabbles a few days ago. And they are ones I could probably expand a bit, if people prodded me a bit. Here they are, bitches!


Psych/White Collar )

SPN/Bones )

So if you want to see more of one of these, tell me. I don;t know what one to do next.
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So, [ profile] boxofmagic goes live today. I might be refreshing the page, hoping someone would update. I really have to stop.

Also, need to work on my STXI/Pokemon fusion fic. I lost a bit of it when the dogs ate my computer, so I decided to write a short prologue to get back into it.

Also also, need to write that porn I've promised someone.
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So, I'm now working on another TW crossover. This one is TW/HP. I've even got a title, but no fanmix, yet. "Veiling the Rift". You can guess from the title what it is about.

And if you can't- Sirius appears in Cardiff after he falls through the Veil. The fun bit is that Sirius is still a dangerous criminal in the Muggle world. So Torchwood will have fun when they find out who he is. Mind probing! Learning about wizards! Learning about aliens! Learning the fate of the wizarding world! Reunions!

I'm planning on writing more before posting anything, although I do have the first little bit done.

I've also been working on the TW/Brainship story. I love the Ianto/Lisa back story and the Doctor is adorable as a Brainship.

Brainshp snippet )

Veil snippet )


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