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Slipping )

and there is my intro to my novel. This was all written while listening to the song "Slipping" which is why I posted the Skybox playlist. Plus I love everything they've done. You can find my whole NaNo playlist for download here. My NaNo profile is here if you want to add me. Now, sleep. I'll do the rest of the daily quota tomorrow.
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NANOWRIMO. And I have nothing planned. But! I did make a playlist. It is pretty much music picked at random that I will somehow use for my story. I don't know how. But I shall try.

I've also uploaded it for anyone who wants to grab it.


the songs )

Yeah, that gives you a slight idea of my taste in music. DON'T JUDGE. :D
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And it's also for charity to help someone pay for eye surgery so they can see. And yes, thinking about eye surgery makes me want to go curl up in a ball and die, but this girl needs to see, y'all! So, go take a look around. Cool stuff.

also i just finished a crap term paper and want to die in a corner and take everyone with me so they can feel my pain.fuck school can i quit?

ahahah why don't i add all the tags ever to this post. idek.
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So. I finished my entry and submitting it. The voting will open soon and I'll link y'all. I can't tell you which is mine, but just vote for what you think is best & all that. Come on, it'll be fun!

Also, the game Dragon Age is addictive. I seem to be in love with the rouge class, though. And I have not gotten far, as I keep making new characters. Yeah~~~

Really, this entry is mostly cause I haven't posted in a while. And my economics class is boring right now.

Now to whittle the time away on twitter~
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Okay. I think I'm going to stop being friends with people who believe in acupuncture and chiropractic or homeopathy. That shit does not work. I cannot argue about it anymore.

It's not even fake science- it's just fake.

Arguing about it with my family and my best friend makes me want to cry. If you won't even read a book about any of it, but still insist on believing it?

No. I do not give a fuck. You are wrong. Science says you are wrong. It says you are wrong every time.

So I'm not going to even try.

My dad asked me "if you encountered overwhelming evidence to something, would you change your mind?" and I said yes. Because if there is evidence, that makes it real. But there is no good evidence for what they think. So until they read anything about it they are the hypocrites. They are the close-minded ones.

God damn I am so angry/frustrated I want to cry. Hell, I am crying. Fuck.

Now I'm going to watch Bones, because that show makes me feel good.


Oct. 1st, 2010 06:45 pm
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Do You Like To Write?

Like to write? Love to write Original Fiction? Great! There is a new challenge, called [ profile] originalfic_las, where you write a story of at least 100 words every two weeks based on a different prompt. Then they get voted on and the person with the least votes is out that week and the person with the most is safe next week. Till you have one author standing who wins! You don't even need to be a GREAT writer!

... who will come out on top?

I'm doing this. And, yes, I will tell people when voting is so you can try to spot my junk~
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If you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your f-list the real you!

Good thing I had a shirt on. )
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So. When I see those commercials, I can only think of "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!"

So I drew it.

and icons:

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I've never watched Buffy.

So far, I've only seen one episode and it was "Once More With Feeling" at a live performance on Friday.

I know about Buffy from fandom and other things, but have not seen it for myself.

So, I am now watching it. And you can follow this @FishWatchBuffy.

I'm starting on season 1 now!
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Title: Not the Italian Job, Part One
Author: [ profile] thisfishflies
Wordcount: ~1k, WIP
Charcaters/Ships: Hardison, Eames, Arthur this part.
Spoilers: Post-movie for Inception. Pre-series for Leverage. Slight spoilers, perhaps.
Summary: Hardison knows some forgers. They didn't meet in a chat room.
Notes: IDEK how I wrote all of this. And how I am still going. Just... yeah. The timelines might be a bit skewered, but that always happens for me. No beta yet, but I'll fix it up pretty before posting to a comm or something.

When Hardison mentioned he knew some good forgers, what he really meant was he knew a good forger. Eames. )
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I need the new [ profile] inception_kink post to open, like,now. I really want a fic where Eames is like "You managed a kick in zero-G and just might have Mcgyuver skills?" or something. Where Arthur has insane creativity when solving problems and says to Eames "You don't have to dream big when you dream specific" or something.

Also, I need some Inception icons.

RL Update: my building at school was evacuated because of Civil War relics. The bomb squad or some such was called. There were two helicopters and news vans. Yeaaah- my life is exciting! It was a fun few hours this morning.
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So, does anyone know of a community that will give you book recs? Like some of the fic search/genre search ones?

Because lately I've been having urges to read some types of books but really hate flooding my flist with requests.

Like, I really want to read boarding school books. And now, ballet/dancing books. Young adult, mostly.

If there is not a comm, there should be.

(also, if youknow any ballet/dancing books- rec me! and still looking for more boarding school books.)

(and fics in any of my fandoms that fit are welcome too!)
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Yeah, do it bitches.

On the other hand, my Inception fic. I've come up with a new beginning to the snippet I wrote before, and am writing a real live fic! That will not be a snippet? IDEK guise.

Also, I superimposed Arthur and Eames into a book I just read, but it was about a Scottish duchess and a Irish maybe-spy. The duchess also ~solved crime~ and ran a maid service and accidentally started an escort service. It didn't last long.
But, Arthur was the lady? And Eames the womanizing, penniless, Irish peer. I'mnot quite sure who the lady's best friend would have been. She was a... manizer? Or, a womanizer but with men, as she was a women. And Irish!Eames was all "oh, Lady, you need to be safe you should probably stop getting involved with murder" and Lady!Arthur was all "dude, just because I hung off the side of a cliff after my rope broke when rock climbing and people shoot at me and I find dead bodies and maybe die from plane crash doesn't mean I can't do stuff! No stop jerking me around, you hoooor!"

Or something.

All I'm saying is that I wouldn't mind a rich!Arthur getting into scraps and solving mysteries while also being upper class and competent and Eames still helping sometimes and still being a bit of a cad and a secret police-type person.

Now to go work on my Inception fic of doom and fish and mind-blowing awesome writing.
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I wrote Inception fic!

After a night of no sleep, staying up to read Inception fic.

And, it's really more of a ficlet than anything. Like, I plan to expand on this idea way more and make it understandable to more people. But, you can read the thing here.

Yeah, the floors exploding into ideas and shit follows them from the dreams. And Eames has a sekrit identity.

Hopefully I'llbe able to better explain this when I'm not going on no sleep and skipping class.
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So, my Queer in Popular Culture class is awesome. It looks like it will be really fun and informative.

Only, some of these people will be the death of me.

At the end of class today we had to get into small groups and talk about a pop culture show that is on now, and past examples of queers in pop culture. My small group was all straight girls (who did the thing where they say something like "I'm straight but..." which the teacher had commented on just before). Whatever. That's fine, let's just get onto the discussion.
After discussing some gay characters, one of the girls piped up with how her parents were pretty okay with homosexuality, only they did the "just keep it behind closed doors/where I can't see it" or "being gay is fine, just don't throw it in our faces" thing. We talked a bit about how that is wrong and bothers us.

Then, a moment later when talking about Adam Lambert, the "stimulated blow-job on stage" thing from last year came up. The girls went on to say how "that was a little too much" and how they didn't really like it.

Hahah-whut? You're serious?

"The out cry wasn't because it was gay it was because it was indecent."

"Yeah, if it was a girl doing something like that, the same thing would have happened."

And so on.

Girls, no. NO. What you are saying? It's the same as what you said you didn't like other people doing. I can understand if you don't follow pop culture as much as me, but female and male singers have been doing similar things. They dance "indecently" all the fucking time. Around the same time as the Lambert brouhaha someone, I think it was Pink, did the same thing. No one cared.

It was because it was a gay man, doing that to a guy. You saying that it was wrong because any PDA is kinda icky? Rethink that. Because you've seen other performers do acts like that all the time, you just don't notice it.

And, please, recognize your hypocrisy. Because what you did was just like a person saying "I'm not racist, but I hate Mexicans" (which has happened to me). I don't mind some hypocrisy. We are all hypocrites. But a person should understand that they are. You don't have to change, just at least know.
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I finally joined. I have a tumblr.

So. I have an LJ. A twitter. And now tumblr.

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Okay. For some reason I want to read some good books with boarding school, be they normal or magical. Just gimmie the books and no one will get hurt!

So, help me, my wonderful flist. You guys are sure to know some good ones. I'll reward those who help with doodles (bribes!).


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