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So you have a nice sub-topic called The Important Difference Between Consensual Fooling Around and Sexual Assault with a copy of that awesome "how not to rape" flyer that went around. Only, just up page you have

Getting Your Schwerve On where a bullet point is "Spare alcohol in case your target begins to sober up." Oh yeah, because rape is funny. (This entry is tagged "funny", so rape jokes are okay!)

And, of course, from the "funny" page about booze you get

Bringing it from Home

This option will save you a pretty penny, especially if you drink enough to get your 400-pound-ass tipsy. This is the primary option for the recluses who are afraid to go out into public, especially for something as fun as drinking. You can collect alcohols of all sorts from your local liquor store.

The upsides here, aside from not being in public and the lessened expense, is that you have a convenient supply of alcohol handy to assist in keeping your one-night-stands drunk. Of course, since you're in private you'll have less of an opportunity to pick one up: a hybrid approach is recommended if sexing is your goal. The downsides are that you are not a bartender and can't mix a drink to save your life, and alcohol poisoning.

And then, a bit farther down in the "Alcohol and Safety" part you have " Wear appropriate attire. Your costume may look great, but it may not be the safest thing to wear while you drink yourself to death. Suggestions include

* Comfortable, but not too loose, pants.
* A revealing shirt, especially for attractive women. You don't want to have your movement restricted."

Oh, fuck you, wiki writers. You are not funny and anything you were trying to do with the sexual assault flyer is undercut by your rape jokes. Fuck off.


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