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Hardison graphic. Text: age of the geek, Hardison <3 fest

Hardison. He is a geek and he knows it.

But, what other geeks does he know? Does he chat with alien hunters on irc? Does he play Warcraft with NCIS agents? Does he get into comic debates with physicists? Does he email other members of the criminal underground? Does he stoop to writing real letters to wizards?

The answer is: of course. And more. He is just that awesome.

He probably even posts on livejournal and has a twitter. A young hacker needs to make connections.

So. Here is a fest for him. To give him the geeky love he needs and to explore his geek side.

Everything is welcome: gen, het, slash, AU, crossover, crack. The only rule is Hardison + a bit of the geek.

It's the age of the geeks. And the geek shall inherit the earth.

(this is my personal plug for any and all crossovers. because you know you want to.)
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Fish, I don't even know. But I'm thinking this needs resolution. But it got me down so Imma try and see if I can geek some lovely Tim/Alec geekery before I try to tackle something.

The first time they meet, they are Alec Hardison and Neal Caffrey.

Neal flirts with his smile and his eyes, runs his hand through his messy hair, and calls him 'Alec' in an intimate tone.

Alec still wears braces and baggy clothing. He knows Neal isn't exactly on the level, but laps up the attention eagerly anyway. He's always been a sucker for the pretty ones.

Neal wants Alec to help him set up some of his identities digitally. And he's asking with half-lidded eyes and shiny lips and Alec's watched enough movies to know, it never goes well for the geeks that are led around by their dicks.

Alec's Nana didn't raise no fool. Neal's charming, but not that charming. (He still gives the man a 15% discount. Neal is all sorts of appreciative.)


Neal's looking for the best, and he gets a name from a contact despite the fact that he's yet to make a real name for himself.

Tracking down Alec Hardison takes a little time, but actually finding him is the surprise. Young, geeky, and far too enthusiastic and open for their world. Neal doesn't underestimate him. He's a conman; he lives lies and creates personas that the innocent can trust.

Alec flirts back unashamedly and doesn't fall far enough into Neal charming web to do pro bono work, but does show his appreciation with some sweet extras. That earns Neal's respect. Well, that and the flawless work Alec does.


Neal tracks him down again a year later. He has enough money to hire Alec's services again and there are certain files of information he needs found and erased.

He's surprised again. Alec is all grown up.

This time, Alec flirts with Neal.


Neal asks for lessons in navigating the cyber-world. He's always on the lookout for new skills to add to his repertoire.

Alec wants to learn how create a counterfeit good enough to fool just about anyone.

They both agree. They shake on it and then seal the deal in bed.

Along the way, Neal teaches Alec as many things about art as he can. Alec finds painting soothing, but doesn't have the talent that Neal does. (Alec holds out until he gets Neal to pose nude for him. The only canvas that gets painted that day is their skin.) Sculpture ends with ruined bed sheets. His attempt to teach Alec about the techniques and history of art movements and the masters ends two minutes in with a bored Alec tackling him. Alec tries to teach him to violin, but Neal prefers to just close his eyes and listen to Alec play. Alec introduces him to Doctor Who and gives him valuable techniques on information mining. Alec fails continuously at pick-pocketing because he can't stop himself from enjoying a quick grope. Alec keeps up with the latest in security; lasers, smart-vaults, alarms. He shares his secrets with Neal, who offers up his own low-tech solutions.

It's takes less than a year for Alec to ask Neal to meet his Nana. Neal agrees with his smile and takes Alec to bed.

He's gone when Alec wakes up.

Alec doesn't follow. He's not really surprised, but it still hurts like hell.

He doesn't even destroy his aliases and set the FBI on the man, which makes Alec some kind of saint.


Alec calls to apologize to his Nana.

"Baby," she says. "I know your heart's broken and I'm sorry. But you've got a lotta love and I know, when you do find the right one, you'll be grateful you can trust them with everything you got."


Neal's convinced himself it was an almost year of fun and education in the criminal arts. He only ran when the kid got too serious. What Alec was offering, family and a tiny Silicon Valley apartment, that's nowhere near what Neal wants.

New York is where he's meant to be. Meeting Mozzie and having the con of the decade fall into his lap is proof of that. Meeting Kate seals the deal.

He doesn't think about hackers or California again.


Alec has flags on people of interest. Certain ones because he wants to make sure he's not where ever they are. Finding out that Neal got himself arrested because of a girl didn't feel half as good as it should have.

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