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Okay, I'm not one to contest my grades. I get what I earn and I know that. But, this time it's different.

A couple of weeks ago I had to so a group project with 3 other guys. We made a powerpoint on a book then presented it. The way we split it up was in chapters. I had the second chapter, so I presented second.

Except for how I didn't. We didn't get to me. We got through maybe 8 out of 31 slides because the teacher interrupted us and our presentation created a lot of discussion in the class. As it was supposed to. When we noticed that we might not get to our chapter, the tree of us that were not the first guy started to insert our chapters into it. We would ask questions and do all that "interaction" stuff. Plus, we had to have some sort of intro before the whole thing, so I read a children's book that was pretty much what our book was about.

We got our grades back today. I got a 72. The boy who actually got to go got an eighty-something. I can understand how he "presented" more, but it's because the teacher wouldn't let us. Other groups got by with hardly any interruptions. They got through pages and pages of slides, showed all their pretty pictures, all of that. Why did our group get the short stick? If we had known that our grade would depend on what we got to present, you can bet we would have made it more equal.

God damn. What really pisses me off is that I did the most work. Really. I stupidly said I'd do the powerpoint so I was up til 3am putting all the stuff together. And then we didn't get to use most of it. Ugh.

I talked to the one member of my group who was here today and we are going to talk to the teacher. I'm just kinda pissed.
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